Explore the colour palettes


Your space should be a place for rest and relaxation and the colours curated in the Composure collection allow for you to create a sanctuary with an injection of colour and warmth.


The Grounded collection draws on greens and blues, reminiscent of green forests and the ocean. Don’t be afraid to go bold with one of these colours to connect to the outside and bring a sense of nature into your space.


There will always be a place for shades of white inside and outside the home. They freshen up and open our spaces. The common question continues to be - which white?


Whether it is painting a room in a rich dark colour, adding a feature wall or giving some kitchen cabinets pops of colour. This collection invites you to play with colour.

The 2024 Colour Forecast in action!

We want to inspire your next project, here are some tips on how you could use some of these colour combinations in your next painting project.

  • The Study

    The Study

    Colours : Big White, Chalkware, Baby Bear, Mountain Stream

    Paint: Taubmans Endure, Low Sheen

    Working from home days have become the norm for many people. As a result, the home study needs to be a hub of creativity, focus and calm. Using the right colours in your study creates a sense of positive energy to fuel productivity. These colours from the 2024 forecast have been chosen as a positive force for your study painting project.

  • The Nursery

    The Nursery

    Colours : Cotton Ball, Spice Beige, Tibetan Tan, Silver Platter

    Paint: Taubmans Endure, Low Sheen

    Preparing a nursery is fun, but sometimes it‘s hard to know where to start when it comes to colour. When decorating a space for your little one you want to create a cosy room which encourages calm not only for baby but for the parents who will frequent the room often for feeds and wind down time. These colours are about balancing calm with a little bit of fun, making it a lovely room not only for rest but for making special memories as you welcome your baby into the world.

  • The Master Bedroom

    The Master Bedroom

    Colours : Cradle White, Blue Bayberry, Leafy Lawn, Painted Turtle

    Paint: Taubmans Endure, Low Sheen

    A master bedroom is meant to be your sanctuary. A place for calm evening wind downs, and energetic mornings. Many people find fresh sheets or the perfect bedspread extremely satisfying, but what about your bedroom colour scheme? Whether you want to inject an impactful feature wall using a rich colour like Blue Bayberry or add warmth and lightness through Crisp White, our 2024 colour forecast has a great combination of colours to inspire your next master bedroom makeover.

  • The Kitchen

    The Kitchen

    Colours : Crisp White, Highland Meadow, Fetching Pink, Birch Forest

    Paint: Taubmans Endure, Low Sheen

    The kitchen is the heart of the home, and when it comes to colours we suggest bringing in earthy and fresh tones reminiscent of the outdoors to create the perfect space to curate your culinary creations. Greens are calming, whilst also adding a sense of warmth to the space. Crisp white is a fresh colour which never goes out of fashion, and the pop of Fetching Pink brings in a touch of dusk.

  • The Living Area

    The Living Area

    Colours : Aria Ivory, Creamy Chocolate, Dark Granite, Nutmeg,

    Paint: Taubmans Endure, Low Sheen

    The place where the family gathers. The living and dining areas of a home are usually a hub of activity, from meal times, family celebrations or movie nights on the couch – these are the spaces where our best memories are made. Adding your own touches to the space can be tricky, you want the space to be warm without feeling cluttered or closed in. These colours we hope will spur your inspiration for the space. Whether you are happy with Aria Ivory as a warm white option, or wanted a rich colour like nutmeg for a feature wall area we invite you to play with colour in these special spaces.

  • The Front Door

    The Front Door

    Colours : Mapped Out, Spice Beige, Whispering Pine

    Paint: Taubmans Water Based Enamel

    We love a coloured front door! It is such a wonderful way to add some interesting street appeal to your home’s exterior without the need to take on a large-scale exterior paint project. The front door is also easy to change out as you feel. These three colours are a great starting point to inspire you to add a fresh pop of colour to your front door.

  • The Fence

    The Fence

    Colours : River Forest, Blue Ink, Albion Park

    Paint: Taubmans All Weather

    The effect a painted fence can have on the overall aesthetic of an exterior space shouldn’t be underestimated. A fresh coat of paint can add a sense of sophistication to your exterior or complement your backyard entertaining area nicely without needing a great deal of investment or effort. For fences we suggest keeping to rich dark tones which are going to create a great backdrop against your front or back garden greenery, trees or flowers – allowing them to shine.

  • The Exterior

    The Exterior

    Colours: Deep Water, Sturgeon, Alpine Snow, Spice Beige, River Forest

    Colours : Deep Water, Sturgeon, Alpine Snow, Spice Beige, River Forest

    Paint: Taubmans All Weather

    We get asked often about exterior colour schemes and how to begin building these out. Using our 2024 colour forecast as a guide we have selected some colours to help you begin your journey to building a refreshed colour scheme for your home’s exterior.