Different sheen levels are ideal for different areas of the home. Discover which sheen level works best for your project.


Sheen level: 0 – 1%

Ideal usage: Ceilings*

Benefits: Designed to produce flat uniform finish with no roller marks.

*Only available in ceiling paint


Sheen level: 2 – 4%

Ideal usage: Low traffic interior walls and ceilings

Benefits: Can be applied to uneven surfaces in order to hide imperfections.

May mark more easily than high sheen products, so is therefore not recommended for high traffic areas.


Sheen level: 5 – 8%

Ideal usage: Interior and exterior walls

Benefits: A subtle sheen level which is good for cleaning and hides surface imperfections better than gloss level paints.


Sheen level: 20 – 30%

Ideal usage: Walls, doors and trims

Benefits: Offers good stain resistance and is easy to clean for high traffic areas that are subject to wear and tear.


Sheen level: 80%

Ideal usage: Areas subject to heavy wear such as doors and trims

Benefits: Highest gloss level that is hard wearing with an easy to clean surface.