Welcome to Taubmans exclusive guide on enhancing your home with the captivating colour palettes of 2024. Uncover nuanced shades for your study, master bedroom, nursery, kitchen, living/dining area, front door, and exterior, crafting a harmonious living experience with timeless elegance and nature-inspired themes. Explore and shop now for a stylish home transformation.

Front Door: Inviting Entryway

2024 Door Colour

Your front door sets the stage for a warm and inviting entryway. The combination of Aria Ivory and Spice Beige creates a classic and inviting entrance, exuding warmth and charm. Details elevated with Mapped Out and Whispering Pine enhance the overall appeal, adding character and personality to your home's first impression. This carefully selected palette transforms your front entrance into a stylish and welcoming focal point, setting the tone for the entire home. Shop the palette >

Aria Ivory

Spice Beige

Mapped out

Whispering Pine


Living/Dining Area: Timeless Elegance

2024 Living Room Colour

Design your living and dining area with an eye for timeless elegance. Establishing a neutral, yet sophisticated foundation, Aria Ivory  can be paired reliably with any style of decor. The warmth of Creamy Chocolate introduces a rich, inviting ambiance, creating a space that exudes comfort and style. Adding depth and a touch of drama, Dark Granite  creates a refined atmosphere for gatherings. The subtle warmth of Nutmeg completes the  space, making the living and dining area an elegant and welcoming space for relaxation and entertainment. Shop the palette >

Aria Ivory

Creamy Chocolate

Dark Granite



Kitchen: Fresh Culinary Vibes

2024 Kitchen Colour

Transform your kitchen into a lively hub with this fresh and vibrant palette. Crisp White provides a clean and refreshing backdrop to create an inviting space for culinary creativity. Elevating the space is then made easy with Highland Meadow which introduces a natural, earthy vibe, connecting the kitchen to the outdoors, while Fetching Pink adds playful energy,  promoting a delightful and social communal space. River Forest contributes sophistication and richness, ensuring your kitchen becomes a vibrant and inviting environment for culinary exploration. Shop the palette >

Crisp White

Highland Meadow

Fetching Pink

River Forest


Master Bedroom: Serenity Retreat

2024 master bedroom

Using a carefully curated palette you can craft a serene retreat in your master bedroom. Cradle White envelops the room in a soothing, almost ethereal ambiance, providing a neutral base that allows for versatile decor choices. Adding a tasteful burst of colour, Blue Bayberry introduces a calming depth, reminiscent of twilight, setting the stage for restful nights. To create a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere, Leafy Lawn adds a touch of green, emulating nature and infusing the room with a subtle freshness, while Painted Turtle provides grounding and balance to tie the whole room together. Shop the palette >

Cradle White

Blue Bayberry

Leafy Lawn

Painted Turtle


The Study: Tranquil Productivity

2024 Study Room Colour

Transform your study into a haven of productivity and concentration with this nuanced colour palette. Walls painted in Big White offer a clean canvas, bathing the space in a luminous glow to create an open and expansive atmosphere conducive to focused worked.

Fostering a calming backdrop for concentration, Mountain Stream introduces subtle undertones reminiscent of a serene mountain landscape, . These colours are then paired with Chalkware bringing in warm, sophisticated tones, to add a touch of elegance to the study environment. The cosy and inviting feel is enhanced by the infusion of Baby Bear filling the space with earthy hues, creating a harmonious blend perfect for both work and relaxation. Shop the palette>

Big White

Mountain Stream


Baby Bear


Nursery: Cosy Elegance

2024 nursery colour

When creating a nursery, it is important to select colours that work harmoniously to establish a serene and nurturing environment. Cotton Ball serves as a gentle backdrop, creating an airy and tender space for your little one. Injections of soft colours like, Tibetan Tan and Spice Beige introduce warm and inviting tones, enveloping the nursery in a cocoon of cosiness, while Silver Platter adds a touch of sophistication with its calm and neutral qualities. The result is an elegantly designed nursery, providing comfort and visual appeal for both parent and child. Shop the palette >

Cotton Ball

Tibetan Tan

Spice Beige

Silver Platter


Exterior: Nature's Harmony

2024 Exterior Colour

Step into a harmonious exterior space with this blend of carefully chosen colours. Deep Water provides depth and sophistication, creating a visual anchor for your home's exterior. The neutral quality of Sturgeon contributes to a timeless aesthetic, while River Forest introduces a naturally earthy vibe, seamlessly connecting your home to its surroundings. This is tied together with Alpine Snow which offers a clean and fresh contrast, ensuring the exterior is visually appealing and harmoniously integrated with the natural elements around it. This thoughtful palette transforms your exterior into a harmonious living experience, a true reflection of the beauty of nature. Shop the palette >

Deep Water


River Forest

Alpine Snow


In conclusion, explore the transformative potential of 2024's captivating colour palettes to elevate your living spaces. Whether for your study, master bedroom, nursery, kitchen, living/dining area, front door, or exterior, these carefully curated hues promise a journey of sophisticated elegance and harmonious living.