When it comes to your bedroom, colour is one of the most vital considerations to a successful transformation. Your bedroom should be an inviting space that balances your taste and personality with a sense of rest and relaxation. The paint colours you choose can help you achieve that perfect ambience.

We asked Taubmans Colour Specialist to give us the lowdown on the signature colours creating beautiful bedrooms in 2024.

The cool trends bringing warmth

We’ve all seen how designers bring statement style to rooms with coloured walls. And the bedroom is no exception. However, while other rooms in the home may call for cool or neutral finishes, the bedroom is where Taubmans Colour Specialist finds that warmer shades really come into their own.

“Bedrooms should be warm and inviting, which is why I’ve never really understood the bright white bedroom.” Taubmans Colour Specialist says.

Very much on trend for bedrooms in 2024 are the perennially popular shades of green and blue. These are colours that we tend to think of as being in the ‘cool’ range, yet, when strategically chosen, bring a real depth and warmth that suits bedrooms. The richness of these shades are both soothing and incredibly versatile. “These colours are both rejuvenating and calming. They also work well with just about every other colour."

“So while they can have impact, they don’t provoke strong emotions like a bright yellow might, for instance.”

Two Taubmans colour palettes that tap into these latest colour trends are The Master Bedroom and Chromatic Joy. Inspired by the colours of nature, the Master Bedroom features three harmonious shades of green that vary from soft pastels to rich emeralds, combined with a soothing white. It’s a sophisticated palette that evokes serenity and timeless elegance.

The blue green shades of the Chromatic Joy palette bring a sense of peace and relaxation to the bedroom. Leaning almost towards a tropical accent, the various depths of colour combine to create a sanctuary of rest.

Combine light and dark

When considering your colour palette, Taubmans Colour Specialist encourages you to consider the ceiling, walls and joinery. While you can use the same colour throughout, the walls and ceiling provide more room to experiment with different shades of the same colour. You could also introduce a new, complementary shade.

“For instance, you can do a full strength on the wall, a half-strength on the ceiling and one-and-a-half (strength) on the joinery.

“This allows you to take a softer approach that’s less dramatic than walking into a room with a coloured wall and a stark white ceiling.”

Go richer

No, we don’t mean blow your budget by buying more expensive paint. We’re talking about the elegance and sophistication of darker, richer tones. Choosing a dark colour may sound contradictory when discussing warm tones, yet no room lends itself better to the cosy cocooning effect of deeper shades than the bedroom.

After all, this is where we sleep, and beautiful deeper tones complement our need to rest. Using a rich colour helps soften the edges of a room and can actually contribute to a sense of openness in a room lacking in natural light or space, especially if you keep the ceiling a soft white.

It’s all about you

Taubmans Colour Specialist believes that the bedroom truly is your personal space and should reflect your personality.

“Using colour to create something new and beautiful in your home is such an easy thing to do. And it can bring you so much joy.”

As well as our colour palettes, Taubmans’ Coloursmith app is a great way to help guide you in finding that perfect colour. Available anywhere you get your apps, simply take a photo of something that has a colour that you love – it might be something you saw on social media or a favourite piece of material – upload it to the app and then order a sample pot of that colour.

A bedroom doesn’t need to be all things to all people as other rooms in the house do. So, it’s an excellent place to get a bit more creative!

But if you can’t commit to a full makeover of your special place without a test run, why not try 2024’s hottest colour palettes by ordering our sample pots? To find out more talk to your nearest Taubmans’ stockist today.