If it’s high time your sleeping quarters received an overhaul, we’ve got the lowdown on the bedroom paint colours to consider in 2022.


Whether you want to create an inviting cavern, relaxation station or a place that represents you, some coloured walls will help you along.

Speaking with Taubmans colour expert Rachel Lacy, we find out which colours we’re going to see adorning bedrooms over the coming year.


Your bedroom should be warm and inviting – walls included!. Picture: Linen House


Warm colours

“I think bedrooms need to be warm and inviting,” Rachel says. “That’s why I’ve never really understood the bright white bedroom.”

The general trend is towards adding coloured walls in homes — and bedrooms are no exception. However, while other rooms in the home may call for more lively or cool finishes, Rachel finds warm, rich, deep or soft tones have a place in the bedroom.

“Any soft colours, any of the colours in the Chromatic Joy palette, will work,” she adds.

Taubmans Chromatic Joy palette showcases the latest in colour trends. Rachel describes many of them as ‘Gelato’ tones. Think: smooth vanilla, buttery yellow, pistachio green or creamy pink. All of these can work in a bedroom, however, the latest trends are more muted or dusty tones, as opposed to brighter, more stark versions.


Pink hues work in bedrooms — and not just in kids’ rooms. Picture: Taubmans


Dusty pink

One of the best bedroom colours of the season is a warm, dusty pink.

It’s a pink that’s not hyper-feminine or candy coloured, but a muted mix of brown and blush. In the Taubman’s range, this colour is called Unbidden.

“Unbidden is a great colour for a bedroom that’s just on the edge of pink,” Rachel explains. “It’s easy and restful.”


This stunning Cobargo home went with a sage green bedroom colour. Picture: Pablo Veiga


Sage green

As with living rooms, green is another colour that is on-trend at the moment — particularly sage green.

“Green is incredibly easy,” Rachel says.

“It’s calming and there’s not much it doesn’t work with. It also doesn’t provoke strong emotions like a bright yellow can. It’s safe but still enjoyable to live in.”


“A bedroom should be cocooning” — don’t be afraid to go dark. Picture: Taubmans.


Go darker

You don’t have to have light and bright colours in a bedroom. As Rachel points out: “Bedrooms should be cocooning.”

This allows you to experiment with darker shades like deep ocean blue-greens or plum and eggplant purples.

Rachel also encourages painting the ceiling as well as the walls. While the same colour can work, you can also experiment with different strengths of the same colour or another complementary shade.

“I think there’s a softer approach than having colour on a wall with a bright white ceiling,” she says.

“You can do a full strength on the wall, a half-strength on the ceiling and one-and-a-half (strength) on the joinery.

“It’s actually less dramatic than walking into a room with a coloured wall and a stark white ceiling.”


The Coloursmith app is a great way to choose colours you love. Whatever you choose for your bedroom, make it your own. Picture: Taubmans


Make it your own

Whatever you go with, the bedroom is an excellent place to take risks. So, feel free to be bold and experiment.

“It’s your own space; it’s your personality — so make it your own,” Rachel says.

“The Coloursmith app is about being able to make your own colour choices. You can take a photo of an artwork you love, a picture on Instagram or a piece of clothing, upload it to the app and then order a sample pot of that colour.

“Finding colours you like and putting them in your environment is such an easy thing to do — and it can bring you so much joy.”

Originally published on realestate.com.au as Bedroom paint colours for 2022.