If you ever had a cubby house as a kid or spent any time in the neighbour's cubby house, then you’ll remember how many hours you spent letting your imagination run wild in the backyard. Creating a unique cubby house for your kids is a great way to give them their own space to explore and play. Before you get going on this new project, we have outlined some considerations to inspire your kid's dream cubby house.


Cubby houses have come a long way since the simple natural wood treehouse look. There is so much room to experiment on your cubby's colour palette. Some choose to theme their cubby house to match children’s play ideas. Imagine a shop front, spaceship, castle etc. If you don't want to theme your cubby house and have more of a blank slate – consider using darker colours on the outside such as a charcoal like Black Jack. This will make for less-frequent cleaning than a lighter shade that'll show up any dirt. Adding in pops of contrasting colours like Bras D'or or Ballerina on doors or windowsills will add some eye-catching features. Whichever colour palette you choose, make sure you use a paint like Taubmans All Weather so that your cubby can withstand the elements.


While you want to create a small and cozy space, the size of a cubby house interior can make for a dark space. Make sure you plan to cut out large windows or doors to bring in natural light. Another way to make the most of any sunlight is to use clear plastic sheeting to create a skylight on the roof.


While adding a cubby house to your backyard will earn you ultimate brownie points – it doesn’t have to be an eye sore in your backyard. Adding planter boxes to the exterior of the cubby house will help it blend and add to the aesthetic of your backyard. It can also be a great way to teach your kids about looking after plants. We suggest easy to look after herbs or vegetables to help start off their gardening journey.


Kids love to get involved in drawing so adding a chalkboard or chalkboard paint to the interior or exterior of the chubby will be a good way to make sure they draw where they are supposed to and not on your home walls.


Before you get carried away with an elaborate cubby house, be sure to check your local council's regulations.

Now you know what you need to plan your kid's cubby house – time to get creative and let your big kid out with this DIY project. Happy painting.