If your window frames are looking a little worn down, a paint refresher can be just the thing to give them a new look.

Estimated Time

A day

  • The time taken will depend on how many windows you’re painting and their condition.
  • The Taubmans Water Based Enamel paint requires 2 hours between coats. Allow more time for the paint to reach full durability.


Here's what you're going to need:


  1. The first step is to decide on a colour scheme for your window frames. Feel free to browse our colours for inspiration. Remember to choose a sheen level that suits your home.
  2. Before you start painting, lay down a drop sheet for easy clean up and start by prepping your windows.
  3. Window frames tend to collect dust, cobwebs and mould, so be sure to give them a good clean and treat any mould prior to painting.
  4. Scrape and scrub off any old or flaky paint. Sand down the surface thoroughly and use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of any dust or flakes. Remember to wear a mask! Wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust.
  5. Apply the tape to mask around the window frame and glass to avoid splatters on the walls or window glass.
  6. The last step in prepping your windows is to apply a good quality undercoat like Taubmans® 3 in 1. Paint your windows with one coat of primer and then let it dry for at least two hours.
  7. To begin painting, stir your paint thoroughly using a paint stirrer. Dip your brush half way into the paint and tap it against the side of the pot to remove any excess. Holding paint in a smaller vessel like paint pot to dip your brush into while you work can be a big help. Working quickly, paint next to the glass around the sills first using short horizontal brush strokes. Avoid dabbing. The goal is to get an even coat.
  8. Work around the window frame, moving outwards, until you finish at the edge against the wall.
  9. For best results, lightly brush over the wet area you’ve just painted with long strokes, then leave to dry. This will help achieve a smooth finish.

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