A flood affected community rebuilding their outdoors

Nipobon Polli is a community owned and run Bangladeshi Centre in NSW which was heavily impacted by the March 2021 Floods.

Taubmans donated funds have been utilised to support the rebuild of the outdoor areas and community garden. This community project was created with the aim to conserve Bangladeshi culture now and for future generations.

The organisers of the project bought 5 acres land in 2015, each of them have equal participation. In 2020 they built the centre - a place where everyone can share knowledge, cultural appreciation and stories. The time will change, but legacy from this project will remain on its journey to spread the Bengali culture to the children generation after generation. The 2021 floods had a large impact on the building and community garden. The premises were completely devastated being covered to the roof with flood waters. The works are currently in progress to improve the facility, with interior painting now in progress and work in the gardens still to be completed.

Through Peppercorn Flood Recovery, GIVIT and Taubmans - funds were donated to support access to support like paint and garden items.

As part of this project Taubmans have donated a mural to the centre, to further support their vision for creating a cultural meeting place for the community.

Sadly not long after the makeover in March 2022, the centre has once again been affected by the recent flood disaster, prompting Taubmans to offer support again to the community group by committing to provide paint to fix the damage caused to their centre.

Thanks to the following supporters who helped us make this project happen!

Mural Artist: James Middleton, Paint the Town Murals
Painting Support:  Tony at Nelbo Pty Ltd