Introducing The Goddess Colour Collection, 6 new Chromatic Joy colours added to the Chromatic Joy range and created by Coloursmith.

Early in 2021 Taubmans paint by PPG released the colours of “Chromatic Joy”, 32 original, home-grown hues created by Taubmans Chief Coloursmith, Rachel Lacy. Six new colours have been added to the 32 colours in the Chromatic Joy collection, these colours have been curated by contemporary artist, Tracey Tawhiao. Titled ‘The Goddess Colour Collection,’ these colours are inspired by the natural world.

The Goddess Colour Collection contains six newly created colours, inspired by Tracey’s Māori heritage.  Tracey tells a story of appreciation for nature with colour through the lens of the Māori language and its connection to the natural world.

Tracey said, “Māori goddesses inspire my paintings. They exemplify the beauty of Māori philosophy and they are part of the natural world where all colour is derived. Women of a higher dimension, I chose them to highlight my significant appreciation of the natural world from which all my art is inspired.  All my colours were derived from one sunset over the West Coast Ocean off Piha beach. I was amazed by how many different colours and tones exist in this spectrum and how different they are once drawn out of the sunset by the ‘coloursmith’.”

“The orange and brown earth tones feel like a rich feast around an outdoor fire under a big pōhutukawa tree. These tones are part of our skin made from the clay of the earth. I feel enriched by these colours, as if they are a herald for the earth’s beauty and ours.”

Goddess Colours Chromatic Joy by Taubmans

“The greens are not so much colours I prefer, but colours that feel like a night sleeping under a ponga tree in my garden. The deep green hues against the dark navy starry sky. Lying on the ground looking up these greens feel safe, like a wing of a precious being protecting me. The lighter mossy greens are a child of the forest playing on the grass in the sun.”

Chief Coloursmith, Rachel Lacy said “trends are transient, and there are no rules when it comes to colour choice.  The Chromatic Joy collection will always evolve as we create unique colours which tell our stories and inspire colour confidence which brings joy into our environment.”

“Coloursmith technology enables the creation of new colours. Tracey beautifully curated the Chromatic Joy Goddess Colour Collection using Coloursmith technology which means they are brand new colours which tell an amazing story and introduces us to an interesting cultural perspective through colour, this is the first time these colours have been seen in the market.”

Rachel said, “We encourage all to create their own colour as Coloursmith is accessible to all. You can select colours others have created, or simply create your own using your own environment as inspiration – it really turns colour trending on its head and democratises colour.”

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The new Goddess colours can be purchased in test pots or paint cans from your local Bunnings, Bristol or Taubmans stores. Test pots can also be ordered directly from the Coloursmith website by browsing colours on Chromatic Joy first and clicking 'Purchase a Test Pot'. If you want to order the Goddess colours in paint cans and have them sent directly to your door, make your order on in the Taubmans Endure, Ultimate Enamel or All Weather range.