Responsibly dispose of your old paint with Paintback

Are you unsure of how to responsibly discard of your old and unused paint? Keep reading to find out how you can safely dispose of your old paint responsibly with Paintback.

Paintback take unwanted paint and packaging and diverts it away from landfill and waterways. Recycling is subject to contamination; contaminated items are unable to go through this process but Paintback have processes in place to separate contaminated waste from recyclable products.

How does it work?

Homeowners and trade painters can take their unwanted paint to a Paintback drop off point which are located at participating councils and commercial waste providers where Paintback collects the unwanted paint and its packaging regularly.

Where does the old paint and packaging go?

Paintback separates the packaging and the liquid. The packaging is recycled (subject to contamination). The paint is then used in different ways, including energy recovery for solvent based paint and liquid/solid separation for water-based paint.

Find out more about how Paintback process waste paint, as well as how the Paintback team are researching new opportunities for unwanted paint on their website here.

Where can I drop off my old or unwanted paint?

There are over 165 drop off locations across Australia.

You can find a location on their website here.

Taubmans is one of the paint companies who form the founding members of Paintback, and we are proud to support this initiative to ensure unwanted paint and its packaging is responsibly managed.

Find out more about Paintback here.