A new decade has dawned and with it a whole new library of colour, texture and pattern interior trends. We know it can be a lot, so we’ve put together the five hottest – and simplest – trends to try, that’ll take your interior game to the next level.

The new decade is a fantastic time to step back, reassess and refresh your home with the latest design trends on the horizon. But it’s not always easy to find the time to research just how you can make your home feel new – so, we’ve put together the five hottest and easiest trends to try this year.

Natural / Earthy colours

Beige, stone, soft greens and earthy browns are set to be all the rage in 2020 to really help warm up any room. These hues pair beautifully with natural-style décor such as unbleached wool, wicker or wooden furniture and leafy green pot plants. They also set off natural brights like Taubmans Deep Desire, Lake Placid and Turkish Delight perfectly well for all the colour-lovers out there.

Check out how well our Taubmans Golden Field looks against the sun-kissed hues of those pillows.

Monochromatic palettes

Contrary to popular belief, monochromatic doesn’t actually mean a black-and-white colour palette. It means “single-colour” palettes, as in one main colour styled in various hues. And it looks like 2020 is all about monochromatic, but with bold colours (think Taubmans 2020 Colour of the Year Chinese Porcelain).

Not only does a single-colour room make an excellent style statement, it evokes elegance and personality effortlessly. So why not add some depth to your living room with a fresh coat of Taubmans’ Raspberry Spread, put your grandma’s old purple throw to work and cosy up for the crisp autumn season.

Colour of walls: Swedish Blue, trims: Celestial Blue

Painted doors

Sometimes it’s not so much about painting your walls as it is painting your doors! A brightly painted door is quite common in cities like London, but we don’t often see it in Australia. However, it looks like this year painted doors are set to become the hottest trend both inside the home and outside.

Dark hues in particular, such as Taubmans Black Forest or Black Jack, can add warmth and character to a space instantly, especially when paired with great furniture.

Colours: Casanova and Casino

Bold black and white

What a dynamic duo black and white make! A classic pair, this high contrast design trend adds drama, instantly sparks an emotional connection and remains timeless in any setting. Plus, there are a number of patterns and ways to introduce this theme to your home.

Our How-To video on painting stencils with matt and gloss paint can help you recreate this stand-out trend easily and quickly.


Terrazzo will be making a huge impact this year, and not just in floors: this multi-coloured composite material is made of marble, quartz, granite or glass and is mostly seen in splashbacks, but will make its debut in benchtops and homewares.

You can even make your own terrazzo wall mural with some of your favourite colours featured on our Taubmans Colours page.

Bright, bold and contrasting colours seem to be the focus for 2020’s design trends. As we head into the colder months of the year and spend more time indoors, this is a great opportunity to keep busy, refresh your space and own your design choices.

For more inspiration, visit our Colour directory to explore our vast palettes of over 6000 paint colours for your next project.