When you think of painting your home, you don’t often imagine the other design elements that can really tie a room together.

Plants are a fantastic way to highlight your newly painted living room by creating a stunning visual impact. We’ve put together three combinations to help you get the most out of your paint-plant mix to help bring a new dimension to your home.

1. Complementary colours

You’ve chosen to paint your sitting room in Taubmans Freshwater Pearl to evoke the endless stretch of clear ocean water in your home. With the natural sun streaming in from your west-facing window, why not tantalise your senses by adding a potted dwarf orange or lemon tree?

Not only do the colours play off one another wonderfully – ensuring both will get the attention they deserve – but fresh citrus fruits whenever you want! What’s not to love?

2. A touch of winter…

You may decide to go the opposite way while redecorating your home, stepping into the realm of winter to cosy-up and hibernate. Deep emerald greens (Taubmans Clover Hilltop or Killarney), silvery greys (Taubmans Pale Moss Green) and muted darks (Taubmans Trendy) paired with grey-hued plants create a snuggly yet chic cocoon that will make you want to curl up under a knitted throw and nap.

3. Foliage feature wall

We all love a good feature wall – it’s a simple way to take your home décor to the next level, especially when your paint choice is on point. There’s a few different ways you can highlight your paint job, but our favourite two would have to be a suspended-pots design and a crowded-floor design.

4. Suspended pots

A little more extra work is required here as you have to mount the pots to your freshly painted wall, but once complete, this feature wall adds a real sense of organised chaos. The fun part? Choosing colours for your pots! Whether you decide to match your pots to your flowers, create a rainbow wall of colour or match the containers to the wall, you’ll have a ton of fun putting this together! Explore our full range of colours to get started.

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5. Crowded floor

This idea is a little simple, where instead of mounting your plants, you crowd them on the floor in front of your chosen wall. It also gives you a certain amount of freedom with your paint colours. Taubmans Roseberry Rose or Taubmans Sherbert Lime would stand out all the more with the muted tones of the plants. Not only does this create a layered effect, it also evokes a strong sense of the wild indoors.

When it comes to indoor plants and paint combinations, the options are endless. So why not put your imagination and your green thumb to good use to create a space for nature within your home? Use our Find a Store tool to find your nearest Taubmans stockist and start planning your paint ‘n plant combination today.