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Exclusive interview with kaboodle kitchen specialist John Harrison 

In this interview with John Harrison, kaboodle kitchen Marketing Manager, we explore the latest trends in kitchen design for 2023. According to John Harrison, interior design trends in 2023 are focused on self-expression and creating a specific mood or vibe in the space. The use of colour is encouraged to enhance the sense of joy and adventure, and the use of textures, linear contours, and grooves in kitchens is rising in popularity. The backsplash is becoming a more creative and bold area to explore colour, shape, and texture. John also discussed the top colour picks for renovating kitchens this year for a unique statement and his personal favourite choice of colours. 

Styling + Photography - @villastyling
Project Build - @frontporchproperties
Interior Design – @donnaguyler

What's cooking up in the kitchen design space this year?  

This year we will see interiors guided by self-expression and the mood or vibe we want to be surrounded by. Be it a desire to create a relaxing Zen-like oasis through natural light and greenery, injecting colour to enhance a sense of joy and adventure or using timber and texture to add visual fluidity, making us feel grounded.  

Colour is being embraced in all aspects of our interiors, and it's being used in bold and brave ways, acting as a form of self-expression while also helping to set the tone for dedicated spaces. We are being encouraged to embrace colour and be unafraid of its vibrance. We will continue to see greens and blues dominate our interiors and not only as feature colours; we are seeing these shades direct the aesthetic of entire rooms. We will also be watching for rich reds, terracotta tones and mustard hues, as these encourage a warm, friendly and approachable mood, allowing us to look to the future with optimism.  

Linear contours and grooves are presently inspiring interior environments, and it is no surprise as to why. Vertical lines will continue to adorn wall panels, furniture and even kitchen cabinetry as a means to add texture and warmth while also creating beautiful form and continuity. It is a simple and cost-effective way to bring tactile appeal into a space, making a once bland wall pop or creating a striking feature out of a kitchen island.  

Which textures do you see making their way into kitchens this year?  

We will see lots of woodgrain textures in the kitchen this year – think warm walnut tones and lighter blond hues. Timber is a great way to add texture, warmth and visual interest to a kitchen. We will see timber being used on its own to create a statement and paired with colours to create a two-tone aesthetic.  

Island or no island?  

Whether you include an island in your kitchen design depends on your space and how you want to use it. You can never go wrong when including an island in your kitchen design. It can be used for additional storage, as a meal preparation zone and as a gathering point for family and friends, encouraging conversation and connection.  

How do you see the backsplash transforming in 2023?  

The backsplash is an important consideration for your kitchen design as it can change the look and feel of a space. We are seeing more bold and creative backsplashes being used in kitchens – if you want to play it safe with your kitchen cabinetry, the backsplash is a great area to be brave and explore colour, shape and texture.  

What are your top colour picks for those renovating their kitchens this year?  

Be bold! We are loving greens, blues and timber tones in the kitchen – they are a great option if you want to include some colour but also keep it quite neutral and timeless. On the other hand, more vibrant colours such as rich reds, terracotta tones and mustard hues are really on-trend if you want to create a unique statement in your home and, when executed well, can also have a timeless appeal!  

It's time to vote. Which kitchen design trend do you consider your all-time favourite? 

The trend we're most looking forward to this year is colour in the kitchen! Now that we can travel again, we can't wait to see the vibrant and creative inspiration cultivated from abroad, reflected in our homes and kitchens.


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