Colour affects our daily lives in a profound way. Colour can make your room joyous, intimate, playful, comforting, energising or soothing, depending on how you play with the tones and shades. And it’s not just about the walls: your couch, furniture, drapes and décor all have a major influence in the mood you create for your home.

With many people easing into hybrid work routines, the line between the home as a workspace and living space is starting to blur. Homes need to offer bright and vibrant areas that are conducive to working, as well as soothing areas that offer peace and relaxation. It’s no wonder people are opting for a total reset and some real colour therapy to create favourable living spaces this year.

Colour dominates interior design in 2022, bringing vibrancy and energy to homes. Overall, there is a drift towards nature-inspired bright colours balanced out with neutrals. If you need some help, you can always fall back on the free colour visualiser from Taubmans to get reassurance on what the colour will look like in your kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom.


Feel grand in green 

Green is a powerful contender this year, encouraging us to connect with nature. Fresh hues of green such as Ivy leagueParty mint and Green pear promise new, rejuvenating interiors and bring the balance we are all craving back into our lives. Anchored in nature, colours from this family are very versatile and can be used readily in any space to lend a refreshing pop of colour.


Beat the blues with shades of blue

Blue beadsBlueberry popoverBright cerulean and Deep river are soothing, calming and transformative shades of blue. Colours from this family are highly versatile and can be readily accessorised. The lighter tones evoke purity, and the electric blues add some drama, while the darker ones create depth and promote quiet reflection and relaxation. No matter which shade you choose, it brings radiance and happiness to the interiors.


Flower pot 

Flower potCinnabark and Autumn window lend nurturing warmth and bring a sense of comfort, security and stability to any space. Colours in this range incorporate a variety of undertones, with deep terracotta and mahogany tones through to light browns, including tan, beige and bronze. Browns are highly functional for all areas of the home and extend the nature-inspired theme in your interiors.


Playful pink

From Fuchsia flockPink flambe to Berry beige with light undertones of pink colours in this family can add a lot of drama to the interiors of your home and harness the vitality and energy of vibrant pink. Used sparingly, it can create a lively point of focus in a given space without overstimulating the senses.


Periwinkle purple berry


The Purple berry blends together the calmness of blue and the vitality of red. The Purple Berry is close to Pantone's colour of the year Very Peri. Colours from the purple family are best used as a feature colour in interior spaces. They deliver sophistication and elegance to any room.


Let there be some sunshine


As Van Gogh once said, "How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun." Rocket launchLemon loud and Mango hill radiate cheer and infuse light and energy into any space as they are warm, inviting and uplifting. Ranging from sunshine yellow to mustard and pale pastel tones, add yellow to a feature wall for a little burst of happiness.


Whites and neutrals


The ultimate Whites and Neutrals are the most versatile colour family of all, brightening spaces and featuring a range of undertones that portray them as either cool or warm to complement any accent colour perfectly. You will be amazed by the number of white paint colours from Taubmans and how shades of this neutral colour can play with your interiors.


These close-to-nature colours are the ones trending this year and will likely be popular beyond 2022. Take inspiration from the grass, nature, sand, sky, flowers and earth around you. Think about your interior walls, furniture, pillow covers, door handles, splashback, rugs and artwork and slowly work these colours in for perfect harmony.