Looking for inspiration on your DIY home design project in 2022? 

Whether you plan to transform your home inside out or make some subtle changes to your home, we have collated some hot design trends to kick start some much-needed inspiration. We will dive right in and look at some trends we expect to take off in 2022 and stay around for years to come.

Affinity for rustic colours

After being stuck indoors for so long, it is only natural to feel the need to be close to nature. Want the next best thing? You would be surprised at how a fresh coat of paint can invigorate your indoors. Help bring the outdoors inside – lean towards rich, earthy colours to bring your indoor space alive. Thanks to the depth and rustic feel, you will feel warm and cosy when indoors. Try: Firewood or Jackal

Offset with green

Green shades are becoming increasingly popular for 2022 colour palettes. Try to incorporate green as an accent colour for door trims, cushions, or throw rugs. Alternatively, make it a focal point to build your colour palette around. Worried about going wrong with the combinations? Nail your colour palette with  Taubmans Colour Visualiser. Virtually try out the colours in your space before you begin.

Complete the look with plenty of indoor plants to create a soothing environment. They purify the air you breathe and lend a lot of positive energy to your home. On the plus side, most indoor plants are easy to maintain.

Try: Painted Turtle or Silver Leaf.

Hardworking workstations

Hardworking workstations are trending these days. With many working from home for the foreseeable future - creating an effective home office is indispensable. An organised home office holds similar importance to kitchen storage. Without a designated workspace, messy wires and multiple screens can make your home and mental state feel cluttered. If you are a DIY enthusiast, what you can do is only limited by your creativity. For more inspiration see our tips on how to create the ultimate home office.

Keep it casual

The average home size is shrinking by the day. This space crunch makes open living spaces a practical approach to home interior. Though you are small on area, you can create a stylish, organised, and functional home fit for a family. So, cut the formality and go casual. Furnish your casual dining and living spaces with bright coloured elements. Try out mismatched chairs and tables, add contrast coloured cushions to the sofa, or pair up benches and chairs with a rustic table.

Intelligent Homes

If you are planning to redesign your home in 2022, you might as well design a smart home. Alexa, Google Home and the likes are increasingly becoming a part of our households. To best leverage these devices, you need to connect all your listening devices, electrical appliances, digital door locks, and the like.

Add texture with natural elements

Sandstone wall cladding or a stone backsplash in any corner of your home is sure to add a style statement. The beautiful and immersive stone cladding is surprisingly affordable and is a much-favoured design element this year. Wherever you plan to install the stone cladding, it will complement the rustic or the modern colour palette.

Dark exterior

For exterior colour trends, we are seeing more dark colour palettes. Shades of Grey and Blue are very much in demand. To ensure your exterior colour can hold up to the elements without peeling, cracking, or fading use our Taubmans All Weather Exterior. 

Home décor is an ongoing project to have fun with. There is always something that needs fixing, updating, or in need of a complete makeover. Get ready to outdo yourself in 2022. To help you make smarter colour choices and estimate the quantity of paint needed, see our Colour Tools - TaubmansPaints & Colours.