Turn your run-down, wooden furniture into a refreshing work of art that enhances your decor.

Estimated Time

5-6 hours

  • The time taken will depend on the size of the furniture
  • Allow at least 2 hours between coats.


Here's what you're going to need:


  1. Choose a colour scheme for your nursery. Check out our tips on painting the perfect nursery before you begin. Use our paint calculator to make sure you have enough paint on hand.
  2. Consider singling out a wall to paint a feature wall to make the nursery a more creative space.
  3. Place the drop cloth on the floor and tape off the trim with low tack painters tape to protect the room from paint splotches.
  4. Clean all the surfaces to be painted. If the walls have been previously painted and the paint is in good, clean condition, they may not need a primer. Unpainted plasterboard, bare wood, and painted surfaces in poor condition should be primed. Apply Taubmans® 3 in 1 Prep Primer Sealer Undercoat with a roller on large areas and use the brush for cutting in smaller and hard-to-reach areas.
  5. Using Taubmans®Endure Interior Walls in your chosen colour, paint around the ceiling, windows, trim and outlets with the angled brush.
  6. For the walls, use the roller attached to an extension pole.
  7. Allow the paint to dry for at least 2 hours and then apply a second coat using the same method.
  8. With the paint still wet, remove the painter’s tape. Once the paint has dried, remove the drop cloths.
  9. Open any windows and doors to allow the room to ventilate adequately.

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