There are many ways to breathe life into a rental property in an affordable, easy and effective way. You may need permission from the property owner to make some of these changes, while for some others, you can get going straight away. If in doubt, always check the terms of your rental agreement or have a chat with the landlord before doing anything irreversible. Now, on to the decorating!


Decorate the walls with floating shelves

Floating shelves come in various sizes and shapes and are easy to install. You can find reasonably priced ones at Bunnings or IKEA. Just paint them in the colour of the wall, and they will look like they were custom installed. Depending on the type of shelves, you might not even need to drill into the walls. Just make sure to check with your landlord before making any permanent changes to the walls.


Repaint heaters and doors

Paint on heaters and doors can look dated, especially if the place has been a rental property for a long time. Repaint the heater using the White Knight Hi Temp and doors using Taubmans Easycoat Interior Doors & Trims. It should take you about half a day, and you will see some great results. Be sure to always check manufacturer instructions and warranty for safety information.


Get creative with the door moulding and trim

It may not seem like painting trim and mouldings could dramatically affect a room. But it does. It can give the home a more polished look and instantly smarten up your interiors – especially if you are renting a historic home. Taubmans Easycoat Interior Doors & Trims with antimicrobial properties make it the ideal paint for damp and humid areas like the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.


Go bold and paint the ceiling

When it comes to ceilings, white is the choice by default, and we don’t think much about colour. However, a coloured ceiling may make the room appear bigger. Visualise your favourite colours on your ceiling using the Taubmans Colour Visualiser and also explore the Taubmans Ceiling Paints range for low VOC and antimicrobial paints.


Have bad light fixtures? Swap them out.

Most rental properties have basic light fixtures. You can easily swap out the light fixtures and bring in some of your personality in the home you live in. Simply unscrew the old ones and mount the new ones in a matter of minutes. It’s a good idea to hang on to the old ones, in case you need to switch them back before vacating the property.


This one should have been up there. But anyway, just paint the walls.

It can be challenging to live surrounded by basic whitewashed walls. Start creating a mood board and pick out paint colours you would like around you. Draw some inspiration from trending


Vinyl tiles on the kitchen and bathroom floor

Self-sticking vinyl tiles are a great way to refresh your bathrooms and kitchen in under 10 minutes. There is a vast range of non-slip, water-resistant and budget-friendly vinyl tiles available online or in Bunnings stores. And they’re usually removable too!


Decorate with nature

Spend some time at a local nursery or Bunnings store to find indoor plants you would like to add to your living space. There is a whole range available in all sizes. While you are at it, look for some good-looking planters to add to the appeal. For inspiration spend 5 minutes reading three paint ‘n plant combos to bring life to your home.

Finally, some artwork would help 

Pick out a dozen porcelain plateware pieces and hang them on a wall in your living room or the dining area. Pull out some photographs, print and frame them and create a family story wall. Or go down to your local op shop and pick out some paintings or picture frames you like. If you want help with coordinating the artwork, here is a quick read to get you inspired.

Minor changes like these in a rental home can help make it your own space while you live there. Free tools from Taubmans can help you calculate the amount of paint you will need, visualise it in your space, and also create colours.